General Data Disclaimer:

for GeoSpective Technologies™ Mapping Products

This mapping product is a graphical representation that may include and/or depict integrated datasets and layers derived from various data sources. Including, but not limited to Google Maps, RCA and/or TLMA-GIS Assessor and/or Parcel Data. Address-mapped data uses GeoSpective Technologies™ GIS data that has been modeled and mapped using GIS software. In particular, the data representative of Riverside County is aggressively updated and maintained by GeoSpective Technologies™, and every reasonable attempt has been made to ensure for its currency and general accuracy and is deemed highly reliable. Data gathered, manipulated, purchased, and/or otherwise represented on this map is deemed reasonably reliable unless otherwise stated. GeoSpective Technologies™ offers no warranties or legal responsibility for the information contained on this map, nor implies or offers any guarantee of suitability for a specific use or purpose. Specific details related to the development of this mapping product are available upon reasonable request.

Boundary Disclaimer:

School District Boundaries have been verified using Legal Descriptions provided by Riverside County Office of Education; Trustee Area Boundaries have been reviewed using the General Descriptions (commonly referred to as “Street-by-Street Descriptions”), provided to the districts by various demographic agencies. General descriptions are not legal descriptions, which have been reviewed for cartographic standards and certified by a Licensed Land Surveyor. GeoSpective Technologies™ has utilized best guidelines, practices, techniques, and interpretations available in verifying Trustee Area boundaries based upon these general written descriptions. Nevertheless, General Descriptions do not have the same merit as Legal Descriptions, cannot be recognized beyond that of geographical representations, and do not constitute a legally binding review of boundaries. Elementary, Middle, High School and Study Area boundaries have been collected from their respective School Districts. GeoSpective Technologies offers no warranties, nor accepts any liability related to their accuracy and/or suitability for a particular purpose.

Assessor and/or Parcel Data:

This mapping product may include and/or depict Assessor and/or Parcel related information, and/or polygon graphical data provided by corresponding departments within the County of Riverside, such as RCA and/or TLMA-GIS. GeoSpective Technologies™ does not imply any copyright related to these specific datasets, nor assume and/or imply any warranty and/or liability related to their accuracy and/or suitability for a particular purpose. This data is neither owned nor sold by GeoSpective Technologies™.


Effective date: May 1, 2018

Our application (associated to the website ) may display confidential information that is intended exclusively for the use of individuals who have been properly authorized by their respective district/agency. If you have been authorized to view this information, are required to login, and GeoSpective Technologies™ has provided you with a formal user login and password, you may proceed. If you have not received proper authorization from your district/agency, GeoSpective Technologies™ does not grant you authorization to proceed. Please exit the application immediately.

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